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Procedures    ( Procedure is negotiable) 

1. Buyer sends ICPO and fresh POF to TTG.

2. TTG and/or Seller send Draft Contract SPA to Buyer.

3. Buyer amends draft contract (if needed), counter signs, seals and returns to TTG.

4. Upon signing of contract by both parties, TTG gives buyer partial/full POP documents against POF.

5. Buyer bank within 72 hours of signing the contract issues MT103/23 CONDITIONAL to Seller’s bank.

6. Upon Seller bank confirmation of the MT103/23, Seller appoints and signs Charter Party Agreement with the Shipping Company, if CIF.

7. Seller bank sends Buyer bank via swift full Proof of Product (POP) and 2% PB.

8. Buyer bank swifts Non-Transferable DLC to Seller bank.

9. Shipment Commences as scheduled in the Contract and upon departure of the cargo at the loading port, payment will be made via T/T MT103 for the product by the Buyer after SGS/CIQ inspection at loading port.

No upfront payment from buyer. All transactions are bank to bank.The seller do not request buyer to bear any upfront costs / fees.