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Tiger Trading Group believes in giving back to our communities. Through “TTG Gives”, we have exciting opportunities to create advantageous partnerships and relationships while making a tangible impact on our local communities. Helping to ensure healthy, vibrant and prospering communities is good for our employees, their families and our neighbors.

Our Commitment

TTG brings corporate social responsibility to life in impactful ways. Although TTG is global, we give back to the local communities in which we live, work and play. Our community giving is centered on education-related philanthropy and volunteerism.  At TTG , we view corporate social responsibility as more than a business practice—we consider it as part of our corporate culture. We believe that the efforts we make in our local communities today will foster success stories long into the future. These factual stories are the real reward for us at TTG Group.

How “TTG Gives” work

Our approach to helping communities thrive building a culture of learning, enhancing after school programs, and promoting community well-being. “TTG Gives” supports communities across three pillars in order to maximize its impact to the society.

Community Library – Building a Culture of Learning 

We support communities where we live and work by providing life long learning opportunity and facilities. Since 2011, we donated a library with 2 reading rooms, 8000 books and 6 computers in the U.S. The library is a private, non-profit organization providing free library services. We believe community library is an essential agency for lifelong learning and cultural enrichment that are crucial to the infrastructure of our community. We are one of the few community libraries in North Carolina that is a private not-for-profit institution governed by “TTG Gives”, giving us the flexibility to respond to community need rapidly and effectively. 


After-school Programs – A promise for a brighter future

According to national research by the Afterschool Alliance, regular participation in quality out-of-school programs can lead to better grades, lower rates of truancy, more engagement in school, attainment of higher levels of achievement in college and a reduction in delinquency and contact with the police. Advocates also note that for many working parents and guardians, after-school programs help ensure their children in a positive environment during the after-school hours.  Since 2011, “TTG Gives “has built community classrooms that facilitate after-school programs to elementary and middle school aged children. By providing after school community education facilities, we help the children and parents to engage in multiple after school recreational and enrichment activities that develop children’s intellectual, social and emotional competencies.

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Right to Play Fitness Center

Since 2011, “TTG Gives” made a multi-million gift to construct new fitness center in Virginia, USA. The light-filled, 20,000-square-foot, two-floors building has four classrooms, two libraries, one outdoor play areas, a full-size indoor volleyball and basketball practice court, two art studios, a fully equipped kitchen, and a 80,000-square-foot outdoor sports field that we plan to add. Among the facilities, the center for volleyball and basketball will comfortably accommodate various sports teams. The center has been custom designed utilizing an innovate system to make sure volleyball and basketball practice courts that can be used simultaneously and with the minimum of distraction. 

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